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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Complete Blue Star Jets Review

5:22 AM
A Complete Blue Star Jets Review
If you are looking for an unbiased and honest Blue Star Jets review, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will give you all facts about Blue Star Jets before you decide to take it, or not. Please read this review article to know the truth about them.

First of all, I will tell you about the company profile first.

Blue Star Jets Company Profile

Blue Star Jets is founded by a duo, named Todd Rome and Richard (Ricky) Sitomer. Actually, it is not a private jets charter company. It doesn’t even have a single aircraft.

The truth is, Blue Star Jets is a brokerage company. It brokers between private jets rental company and people who want to fly using private jets, or a helicopter. And by doing so, Blue Star can give you access to hundreds of thousands of private aircraft from numerous manufacturers, from a turboprop from $1,000 per hour to a Boeing business jet for $12,000 per hour, and not to mention helicopters too, without even owning any.

And that’s why this New York based company has zero maintenance and pilot training itself. It has been operated for more than a decade, and made profits while other competitors, like Warren Buffet’s NetJets loss many.

To make you even more relieve, they only work with operator providing service that meet the standards of US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Positive Side of Blue Star Jets

Blue Star Jets’ customer service is in the top notch, many has said and proved it. If it is not true, then they will not made any profit for a decade, you know. It also has the largest options of aircraft you want to charter, for the reason I have told you before.

Any request can be made just as close as 4 hours notice before you fly, with no membership hassles, no upfront cost, and no acquisition fee. It even also offers a SkyCard luxury charter program, 25 Hour SkyCard Program, and VISA members program.

With its unique programs, you will feel like a boss in the sky.

The Negative Side of Blue Star Jets

With its charter price, it suits best for a CEO-level of persons, not for just any individual. Their prices can be too expensive. And some report say that you can receive a lower level of aircraft, different from what you have requested before. If you still want to use them, just be sure to notice about this kind of problem. And sometimes they fly old aircraft.

This concludes my Blue Star Jets company review. I hope you like it, and enjoy your flight with them. You can visit for more information. Do not forget to check my other complete review at -
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  1. I find they lack communication skills (or desire) and to be unethical. One of my photographs is in use on their web site and has been for some time. I have no record of them licensing it. I can not get an answer as to where they got it and the invoice for unauthorized use remains unpaid. I have even offered to provide a better file so it does not look like they stole the means by which another man makes his living from off the internet.