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Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Gulfstream G450 Review: Classic Luxurious Airplane

5:05 AM
A Gulfstream G450 Review: Classic Luxurious Airplane
So you want to know the Gulfstream G450 Review before you buy it? Then I suggest you keep on reading this honest review of Gulfstream G450. This aircraft was made in 2008, but until now it is still a favorite choice for people who wish to own an aircraft. Why? You will find the answer below.
Gulfstream G450 is known for its speed, reliability, and versatility, and it has been one of the best selling-aircraft for years. It is equipped with two Rolls Royce TAY 611-8C engine, make it available to fly for max speed of 0.88 Mach (or 528 mph).

With the length of 40.33 ft and width of 7.33 ft, the Gulfstream G450’s maximum capacity is 16 persons. You can fit it with your luggage up to 2,000 pounds or equivalent to 907 kilograms, and with this baggage your G450 still can fly for 6,852 km. If you only fill G450 with 8 persons without any baggage, then the maximum trip range is 8,056 km. That is from New York to Sao Paulo, Brazil.
For your information, Gulfstream G450’s maximum take off weight is 74,600 lbs, and its maximum altitude is 45,000 ft.

Ok, enough for the engine and other technical specification, now I am going to tell you its interior.

Gulfstream G450 Interior Specs


The G450 offers six cabin layout for you to choose, for up to 16 passengers and can berth up to six. There are two toilets, one in the front, the other is in the rear. In the middle, it is up to you. You can place a sofa, or seats by cabin wall, or four seats around a table. It is your imagination.

Two berthing divans can be placed in the rear of the aircraft, near the rear toilet. And also, in the rear there is a kitchen with cutlery and some wine bottles and wine glasses.

Gulfstream G450 is also designed quieter, fresher, and brighter. It is meant to reduce your fatigue and to increase your productivity. For the entertainment in the air, Gulfstream G450 is also equipped with DVD/CD player, a 17 inch monitor, headphone jack at each seat, a fax machine, and an electronic window shades. Gulfstream WiFi (a 3.5 Mbps internet connection) and Satellite Television is an option, you are always connected during your flight. It has 12 signature oval windows which makes the cabin brighter than any other competitors in its class.

Gulfstream G450 made a record flying from Tokyo to Hong Kong for just four hours, flying at average speed 0.85 Mach for 1,950 miles.

These are all the information I have collected to write this Gulfstream G450 customer review. I can suggest you to choose this aircraft since time has proven it right. Visit one of the sponsors to view the prices. Thank you.


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