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Monday, February 23, 2015

A Gulfstream G550 Review: The Legendary Aircraft

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A Gulfstream G550 Review: The Legendary Aircraft
Hello, are you thinking of buying a Gulfstream G550? Take 50-seconds to easily learn the G550 and decide later after you finish reviewing this unbiased Gulfstream G550 Review. In this article, I will discuss every advantage of this amazing, wonderful, and powerful Gulfstream G550. In fact, you can even use my review as future tutorials, and I must say that you will not regret your 50-seconds here.

The Gulfstream Profile: Legendary Aircraft Manufacturer

Gulfstream G550 is made by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a subsidiary of General Dynamics. The company was founded is 1950s with a name of Grumman Gulfstream.

In 2003, Gulfstream started to be produced and in 2004 first released to public. The G550 has an official name of Gulfstream V-SP.

Gulfstream G550 Official Specifications

G550 has a total length of 29.4 m, height of 7.9 m, and wingspan of 28.5 m. Powered by two Rolls Royce BR710 turbofan Engine, The G550 has a maximum takeoff weight 38,600 kg. With its two 68.44 kN engines, two tremendously powerful engines, G550 has maximum speed of 0.885 Mach, equals to 941 km/h. It also has a trip range of 12.500 km, with a takeoff distance 1.800 m and landing distance of 880 m. Please bear in mind that G550 has maximum altitude of 15,545 m.

Gulfstream G550 Interior Design

Gulfstream G550 has 14 oval windows, each provides the passengers natural light. Not to mention its patented fresh air system, which gives you fresh air each two minutes, and also their signature low-altitude pressurization systems, which makes sure the G550 passengers stays alert and fresh, plus an advanced sound suppression system, to keep the noise from the outside stays at the outside.

This Gulfstream aircraft has a maximum berthing capacity of 8 persons. So no matter if it is a 14-hours flight, you will never feel any fatigue when arrive at the destination. All interior designs are made based on the buyer’s request, whether it is for 8 persons or 14 persons, its maximum number of passengers.

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G550 Revolutionary Cockpit

The G550 is armed with the revolutionary PlaneViewtm cockpit working together with the famous Honeywell. It means that this Gulfstream airplane has a more sophisticated avionic platform which has become a standard in this industry. There are four liquid crystal monitors which each display different flight current data in large image that easy-to-analyze in any conditions.

Gulfstream G550 Series also equipped with an Eye in the Sky technology, which means literally like what the name says. In front of the airplane, there is a camera that show anything in front of the pilot’s forward field of vision. Anytime the light is reduced or is hard to see the environment, their Enhanced Vision System (EVS) is activated. It is like a Night Vision Goggle in military, if you have watched some movies.

There is also an option, called Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display. This amazing feature will give the pilot a 3-D graphical of surrounding terrains, even in zero-visibility area, so the pilots know what is going on in their surrounding area. Very impressive feature.

Before I end this review, I guess you want to know the price of this revolutionary aircraft. A brand new Gulfstream G550 will cost you US$ 53.5 million, while a used one has a price of around $28,500,000, depending on the total flight hours and/or landing hours.

Go ahead now! Make your decision and fly high to the sky!

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