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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Airsprint Reviews: Really A Sprint In The Air

5:17 AM
Airsprint Reviews: Really A Sprint In The Air
Hi, is an Airsprint review you are looking for right now? If YES is the answer, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have written all information about AirSprint I can find in the internet for you. If you are not satisfied with AirSprint, I have many other private aviation service that may satisfy your needs. Please take time to read this until the end.

AirSprint Company Resume

AirSprint is a Canadian private jets operator. Like many other private jets company, AirSprint also offers a fractional ownership program and also management service of other’s business airplane. Oh and before I forget, this company was founded in 1999 by Mr. Judson Macor in Canada.

Here is the list of their competitors, please visit this article -

The Flexible Programs of AirSprint

There are three programs, the first one is called Infiniti Access. This program is for someone who demands to fly more than 75 hours/year. Plus he/she wants a guaranteed flight in 362 days/year. There are annual management fee, and you can book as little as 8 hours prior to flight. Citation CJ2+ and Citation XL/S are the aircraft available for this program.

The second program is called Club Access. This is for someone who needs to fly up to 50 hours/year. the aircraft for this program is the same as Infiniti Access, the Citation CJ2+ and Citation XL/S. but the difference is you must book your aircraft 24 hours before you fly with them. The rest is the same as before.

The last program is Advantage Access. This third program is for the new entry in private jet flight, for anyone who flies in less than 12 hours/year. There is a commitment contract time of 12 months. The unused flight time can be added to Infiniti or Club Access. This program requires you to book 48 hours prior to fly. This level Access also has access to their Citation CJ2+ and Citation XL/S airplanes.

AirSprint fractional owners can fly through all North American, including Caribbean and Mexico, not only Canada and U.S. They offer the highest standard of safety in their flight. Their pilots are regularly trained in flight simulation and ground school. Their choice of aircrafts, the Citation CJ2+ and Citation XL/S, are long known for the robust characteristics. They are the latest generation in flight industry.


AirSprint is a robust company, has run for more than 14 years means something for me. Their high standard in safety and maintenance makes their loyal customers stays where they are. 


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