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Saturday, February 28, 2015

BlackJet Review: Not an UBER Service

5:07 AM
BlackJet Review: Not an UBER Service
Hello, DO NOT use the service of BlackJet before you completely read my review of BlackJet company. Please read until the end of this article before you decide your choice.

BlackJet Company Profile

BlackJet is founded by the founder of Uber Taxi, thus they have similarity in company service. The difference is the first one is a service in the air while the last one is on the land. BlackJet does not own any of the aircrafts, they just have many contracts with many private jets operators. They claim that the customers can book any private flight in seconds using their BlackJet app. And their membership is limited too, it means you need an invitation from someone who has become a member.

Service of BlackJet

In the reality, there are many complaints regarding BlackJet’s service. You can browse them through the internet. One complaints about the membership $2,500 annual fee. From the day they pay, it needs more than three weeks to get the confirmation.

The other have complained that their booking seats are cancelled in LESS THAN 24 hours, and that makes them very very upset. The customer service of BlackJet says that if they book more than one day, they will get a guaranteed seat, but what they receive is the opposite.

It seems the air service is not as smooth as the land one. There are many factors that can change the flight schedule. The positive side of Blackjet is when you ask for a refund, they will surely refund your membership fee.

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