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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flight Options Reviews: A Big Return of Its Founder

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Flight Options Reviews: A Big Return of Its Founder
If it is the Flight Options LLC review you are looking for right now, then you have come to the right place. I have simultaneously searching and collecting any information regarding this Cleveland, Ohio-based Fractional Private Jet Ownership and Charter company, Flight Options LLC. I believe that all you need to know about it has already been covered here. Let’s get start!

Flight Options History   

Flight Options was founded in 1998 by Kenneth Ricci, and was enjoying a phenomenon success by growing their revenue almost ten times in just 17 months. Then Flight Options did a joint venture with Raytheon Travel Air, a subsidiary of Raytheon Company in 2001. In 2003, Mr. Ricci left the company, but he returned home as a Chairman in 2008 by buying some stakes of Flight Options.

Just like most companies in 2008, Flight Options could not evade from the monetary crisis in that year, but Mr. Ricci’s return time is the right time. He bought Phenom 300 from Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. Using that light jets, Flight Options was available to reduce their flight cost and rebounding from the recession.

And he made it! This Ohio private jet charter company is now one of the most famous jet company in the U.S. Using the three programs for their customers, Flight Options survived!

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Three Flight Options' Main Programs

The first program is called Fractional Ownership. This is the most popular program in the company. This Ownership system allows customers to enjoy lower hourly flight rates available by buying 1/16th stake of their chosen airplane in five years. In return, they are given 50 hours of flight hours per year. After the contract has ended, Flight options will buy back your share of stakes in the current market price. This program is suitable for a person who flies often, more than 50 hours per year each and every year. This ownership program also allows the owner to take the tax advantage.

The second program is Lease. If you choose this program, you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit. After that, for the next three years, you have an exclusive access to their Nextant 400XT, Citation X or Legacy 600 airplanes. Lease is an alternative of the Fractional Ownership, allowing you to have a piece of it without the upfront capital cost. But it has monthly management fee and monthly lease fee.

The last one is JetPASS. JetPASS card is called the entry into private jet ownership. JetPASS allows you to fly up to 25 hours per card, no expiration day! You make a call 10 hours before you fly to book your aircraft, and happy flying. That easy! No upfront capital cost, no monthly fee, and no lease fee.


My conclusion is Flight Options is quietly good if you want to start flying using private jet. What I like about them is their price transparency. You can read all of their prices for all of three programs in their website, unlike their rivals, so you can directly see it like the pictures I post above.

In the end, it is up to you to decide if you are going to use them or their rivals. Read more of my reviews about other private jet charter companies, and happy private jet-ting!


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