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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NetJets Customer Reviews: A Powerful Giant!

5:28 AM
NetJets Customer Reviews: A Powerful Giant!
If you are reading this article, than I may assume that you are looking for a NetJets Customer Review. You have come to the right place. In this article, I have posted a collection of any information spread in the internet about them. Continue read this blog post. I will start with the NetJets company profile.

NetJets Company Profile

NetJets is founded in 1964 by Richard Santulli. Now NetJets is owned by Warren Buffett, a number two in Forbes Billionaire List. Actually, the owner is Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, not himself. With the backup of such a strong company, NetJets flies more hours than any other private jet operators company. Now CEO-ed by Jordan Hansell.

NetJets offers not only a private jet rental, but also what they invented called Fractional Aircraft Ownership. So not only you can fly with them, but also you own your private jets. Interesting right?
Ok It’s enough with the company profile. Now I will tell you the positive and negative side of NetJets.

The Positive Side of NetJets Aviation

Their experience is almost 50-year in aviation industry. That alone already gives you a chill in the quality of their undeniably the best service.

NetJets’ highest priority is their safety, including maintenance, operations, and pilot and crew training. Each and every pilot they have must attend pilot training, called FlightSafety International®, in every two years. This includes proficiency evaluations, ground school, and simulator training.
NetJets also covers most of the continent in the world, while their competitors only cover mostly is the United States. They fly to 170 countries for more than 300,000 hours a year, that means almost all of the countries in this world.

While the minimum standard age of private jet charter industry is 15 years, NetJets’ aircraft age is only 7 years in average in 2012. What does that mean? It means NetJets has the youngest aircrafts in the sky. That means you only fly with the newest fleet, the best in modern aviation technology. NetJets also has more than 700 aircrafts worldwide, so you will always get an aircraft whenever you want to fly.

The Negative Side of NetJets Aviation

Is there any negative side? Yes there is. NetJets hourly rate is higher than other competitors. So please compare the pricing first before you place an order. And also in the past, you must notice them 24 hours before flight. But today they already fixed it so you can fly with as little as four hour notice.

This is the end of NetJets Reviews, hope you like it and please do not forget to check my other private jet charter review.


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