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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sentient Jet Reviews: The Top Choice

5:36 AM
Sentient Jet Reviews: The Top Choice
Hello, are you curious of reading Sentient Jet reviews? Now in this article, I am going to cover the review of this Sentient Jet private plane charter company. I am going to start from their company profile first.

Sentient Jet Company Profile

Sentient Jet is founded in 1999. Now their CEO is Mr. Kenneth C. Ricci. Do you know which company that first release private jet card? It was Sentient jet. Their headquarters is in Braintree, Massachusetts. That means they have been a leader in this aviation industry for more than 10 years.

Oh I forgot to mention that Sentient Jet is a private jet brokerage, which means they do not own any single aircraft. They have deals with only 20% of top private jet operators in United States. They hold firmly their Safety First principle.

The Positive Side of Sentient Jet

Sentient Jet prioritizes on safety. They are founded on safety, and up till now they are still the same. Their charter safety and customer service are the best in the private jets charter business. Being already the best, Sentient Jet still improves their safety scheme.

As I have mentioned before, one of the feature of Sentient Jet is the Jet Card. There is a 25-hour of flying when you buy this card. They always give you the most competitive price in the industry. There are 2 types of Jet Card, Preferred and Select. If you buy Preferred, then they will give you a model year 2000 or newer, while the Select one provides you any aircraft manufactured in 1999 or before.

There are Membership and Membership-Plus program in Sentient Jet. They offer similar benefits, like as little as 10-hour notice, fixed hourly rates, guaranteed availability, and a four-category size of aircrafts choice. The Membership-Plus program’s advantages are getting a lower hourly rate than the membership program and discounted hourly rates. Read other companies' reviews here -

The Negative Side of Sentient Jet

Sentient Jet’s Membership-Plus Program has a drawback, it has expire date. That means if you do not use all of the funds deposited in two years, than you fund is lost. In other words, you have to fly with them very frequently in two years. Plus, they cannot refund your money.

The other negative side is their choice of aircrafts. Yes they allow their member to choose from the top 3 jet operators, but some of the operators have a very questionable quality. Many have complained about this problem in the past. Please make sure to ask about this issue when you book their service.

This is what I can tell you in my Sentient Jet review. You may compare to other private jet charter company and brokerage in my blog. Please check my other reviews.


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