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Saturday, February 14, 2015

XOJet Honest Review

5:37 AM
XOJet Honest Review
Hello, are you looking for XOJet honest Review? Then please continue to read this article as I have written an honest review about XOJet Company. Let’s start with their company profile first to know them better.

XOJet Company Profile

XOJet’s main office is in Brisbane, California. This private jet charter company is founded by Paul Touw in January 2006 with customers buy some hours of flying per year. Start from 2010, XOJet use fixed-price one way system. Today their President and CEO is Mr. Bradley Stewart.

XOJet only has a few aircraft models, which result is less insurance cost, less crew training cost, spare part cost, and maintenance cost too. It flies the aircrafts 100 hours per month, twice their rivals, and very few repositioning flights. This results in a very competitive price for the customers, said their CEO.

XOJet Main Programs

XOJet, like any other private jets charter company, also has special programs for their customers. I will explain them to you.

-         -  Fixed-price Charter
This program offers set charges for 22,000 US cities. While the other jet rental company is also not guarantee the availability of the seats, XOJet make this transparent. They include phone calls, in-flight catering ground transportation in departure and arrival cities, and even Wi-Fi connectivity, first in this business.

-          Custom Charter
This is a standard private jets charter. XOJet WILL make sure you get the seat, even when their seats are full. If so, they will utilize aircraft from other company. XOJet will find you an aircraft, and you will get more than you pay with the Preferred Access program.

-         -  Preferred Access
If you are very flexible about the date and time of your flight, than this Preferred Access program is the most suitable for you. If you make a refundable deposit, then there is a discount waiting for you.

-         -  Elite Access
This Elite program require a 50-hour commitment fly and a $100,000 deposit, which is refundable. By doing so, you are eligible of using XOJet aircraft for $8,500 per hour.

-         -  Coast2Coast
Are you flying from West Coast to East Coast, or vice versa, 3 times a year minimum? Then this Coast2Coast suits you best. With more than 100 routes, and 25 hours of airtime for $115,000, you can cut 40% of your flying cost.

-         -  Jet Membership
This is the best XOJet program. You get the lowest prices, you get your customized flight, no blackout days, no aircraft repositioning fees, your membership doesn’t expire. Plus you pay only for the airtime you have used.

This concludes my review of XOJet private jet charter company. Remember, always be careful and consider any alternatives before you decide on any company’s service. Please read my other company review as well to compare them. -


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