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Sunday, March 15, 2015

A One-Stop-Shopping Private Jet Operator, Comlux Review

6:02 AM
A One-Stop-Shopping Private Jet Operator, Comlux Review
Are you planning on using Comlux? If yes is your answer, then I am highly recommending you to continue reading this Comlux review. But before you continue, you’d be better knowing about this aviation corporation first.

Comlux The Aviation Group (is founded in 2003) is a company based in Switzerland who does any businesses regarding airplane and private jet. They allow you to rent a jet, they also allow you to buy an aircraft, if you want. The Aircraft fleet of Comlux consists of many well known brands, including Bombardier, Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, and Hawker. For more details about it, please visit their website, since they always update the fleet available there.

Comlux has operational branches in United States, Hong Kong, Bahrain, and Russia, while their commercial office located in Hong Kong, Bahrain, Zurich, Almaty, and Moscow. Comlux also has a maintenance center in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. This fully approved by Airbus and Boeing is dedicated to maintain and refurbish the fleet.

Comlux’s Main Activity

Comlux’s most ordered program is their VIP charter. In this program, as the program says, you may allowed to rent any aircraft Comlux has and available. Like we all know already, Swiss standard of service is among the top in the world, thus their service is also a top notch. Whatever airplane you charter, they will surely provide it with their best qualified crews, trained in their stunning facility, to fully dedicated to your own flight.

Comlux also provides you the VIP catering to ensure you benefit every bit of dollars you pay. Their unforgettable in-flight dinner with a dedicated catering manager will surely give you the best experience in the sky.

Comlux second program is aircraft ownership, whether you buy it or you just want to maintain it. Not like their competitors, Comlux offers the owner of the aircraft a management service. So the buyer won’t get any headache in the future. A dedicated manager and a professional team will make sure you travel without worrying any flight organization, anytime you want. And also when your airplane is in their hand, you may choose to rent it to the third party when you don’t use it. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

The third program is Comlux Cabin Customization. Yes, you can ask them to re-decorate your airplane’s cabin to your desire, including exterior, interior, cabin systems, cabin equipment, and art concept. This facility is located in the US. You can see one of the example below.

The fourth program is aircraft maintenance. Like any vehicle, an airplane needs regular maintenance to make sure it is always in the best shape. So Comlux provides this service. Not only that, you can also upgrade your airplane, including the systems. They have a creative team to work with your style, to make it real. You can also add the FANS (Future Air Navigation System) to your aircraft. This amazing system makes sure continuing link from your aircraft to the air traffic controller when you fly.

The Final Conclusion of Comlux Aviation Group

Comlux Aviation Group is a complete, one stop shopping, when it comes to private jets operator. They rent any jet, they sell them, they manage them, they also maintain them. All you need to do in one place. They also reach worldwide, from America to Asia. I will surely recommend you to take it a try!

Happy flying!

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