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Monday, March 16, 2015

A Gama Aviation Review: All in One Service Charter

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A Gama Aviation Review: All in One Service Charter
So you are interested in knowing more about Gama Aviation? Then I have written this Gama Aviation review to tell you more about them. Please rest assure that there is no connection between me and Gama Aviation. So this article is unbiased and honest since I receive nothing from them. Let’s start now! I will start from Gama Aviation profile first.

Gama Aviation is a United Kingdom based company, which specialized in managing, chartering private jets, and all ground operation regarding airplane, such as designing, consultancy, MRO, maintenance, etc. Its main base is in Farnborough Airport, and has opened many branches such as in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Connecticut, United States.

A duet of Mr. Stephen Wright and Mr. Marwan Khalek started this company in 1983 in Fairoaks Airport. At first, it only provided airplane charter service only. In 2001, after getting Plymouth Executive Aviation, Gama Aviation added a maintenance service to their programs. In 2008, Gama acquired Airops Software, which is an aviation productivity software developer and consultant in Connecticut, US. That moment started Gama’s US business.

Gama Aviation’s Main Fleet and Services

Gama Aviation Group offers you many interesting services, and believe me, you will love them all.
First they provides a charter service. What differentiates Gama Aviation from their competitors is their Go-Now program. With this outstanding program, you can fly with them in just 90 minutes! Compare this to the nearest rival, which need 9 hours notice to fly. You can save more time. They also provides additional services, such as visa and travel documentation service, personal security, helicopter or ground transport to and from your hotel, five or six star hotels at your destination, and further flight service using commercial flights.

The second service is the aircraft management service. They promise a fully integrated service supplying line and maintenance, which bring down the management cost. They also collaborate with the major fuel providers to give you a lower fuel price. There is no non-sense report. You will get what you need and pay, not more than that. At the end of the month, you get the invoice of all complete breakdown of the cost, an update of the charter performance, monthly airplane activity, and an advisory note about the maintenance works in the future.

The third service is their ground operations service. This service includes the MRO (modification and support for military aircraft), design (an aviation engineering design), FBO (they do the travel documentation you need before and after your flight, like hangarage, fuelling, baggage, aircraft parking and maintenance), and aircraft valet service (located in Farnborough, Gama Aviation will wash your airplane, interior and exterior, they will polish your planes’ body, they will clean your leather, carpet, and sofas). No other rivals are even close to them in this area.

The last one is the software support, through theirs acquisition of Airops Software in 2008. They have release two main products. First is the aviation management system called AIROPS 5. This software supports any aircraft operators and brokerages in all aspects, like technical, commercial, financial, management, marketing, and operations. The second product is called AIROPS Movement Exec. This is a management software to reduce the hassle of all administrative works, including the FBO operations.

The Conclusion of Gama Aviation Group

My final conclusion about this company is tremendous! Gama Aviation is a complete aircraft service, in and out of the airplane. They even care about your before and after flight, not just while you fly. They give you a five or six star hotels, they do the administrative works, they even arrange your travel schedule, if you want. This is a highly recommendation private jets charter company from me. Happy travelling!

This concludes my Gama Aviation Group review.

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