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Friday, March 6, 2015

ExecuJet Reviews: More Than Just A Private Jet Operator

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ExecuJet Reviews: More Than Just A Private Jet Operator
How are you? I am guessing that you are planning to fly with ExecuJet Aviation private jet operator. Then you have come to the correct website here. I have written an honest review regarding Execujet Aviation Group and I hope you will find it very useful. Take your time to learn something interesting in this article.  -

ExecuJet Aviation Group Company Profile

ExecuJet Aviation Group is founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1991. But today its headquarter is in Basel, Switzerland. Its main operation is in Europe, but from 1999 it started to operating in Dubai, and the next year in Sydney. From that year, ExecuJet has expanded to six regions, which are Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

ExecuJet is CEO-ed by Niall Olver, whose experience in aviation industry is from 1993 after he worked in IBM. This aviation group had evolved from African company to multi-region aircraft operator group, who offers charter, aircraft pre-owned scheme, FBO, and aircraft maintenance.

ExecuJet Main Services

ExecuJet has 4 main services. The first one is the simplest one, which is Charter. If you want to fly with a private jet then this is the entry gate before you decide to choose another. The choice of the aircrafts are starting from light jet, midsize jet, turbo prop, helicopters, very light jet, large jet, ultra long range jet, and business liner. The choice is yours. There is also SimplyFly membership card. With this card, you will get simple pricing policy, no expiring date.

Oh, and I almost forget. Do not forget to always check their empty legs offer, which offers the customers a very cheap seat in the private jet available. They always post in the website if there is any. Use this advantage!

The second service is the Aircraft Management. In this program, you will have your own aircraft, or your pre-owned one. In the simpler sentence, ExecuJet allows you to own the aircraft but without the hassle of the maintenance responsibility. They plan, they track, and they schedule the maintenance required by your aircraft. They are ready 24-hours each and every day to support your plane.

The third one is called FBO. FBO’s abbreviation is Fixed Based Operations. With this exceptional service, ExecuJet allows its customers to handle nothing and just fly. ExecuJet provides flight planning, landing clearances, flight catering, concierge service (aircraft, passenger, and baggage handling, fuel, aircraft hangarage, security, customs and immigration service), and limousine service. In other words, you only know your flight, all others they handle. ExecuJet also offers the FBO Loyalty Programme, which offers many benefits. One of them is a free FBO after you use the service 50 times.

The last service is the Maintenance. If you already have an airplane and want to do a maintenance service, then this kind of service is your option. With ExecuJet’s modern maintenance facilities, your plane is guaranteed to be handled by their best men and their top quality service. No need to worry once your aircraft is in their hand.

ExecuJet is also partnered with many top-level companies to give their customers the best experience. They are including luxury hotels, high quality furniture manufacturer, specialized helicopter operator, and many more.

The Conclusion of ExecuJet Review

We are at the end of the ExecuJet Review, but remember this is just a beginning of your true experience. With their experience and global network, ExecuJet is truly a main choice when it comes to private jet rental. They do not offer private jet charter only, but also more than that, ExecuJet makes you the most VIP in the world with their world class service.

All you need to do is sit down, all others ExecuJet handles.

Hope this review gives you a clearer view about this company and I hope you like it. But do not forget to take a look at my other private jet charter company review here.  -

Thank you!


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