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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jet Aviation Reviews: An Operator With Luxurious Facility

6:35 AM
Jet Aviation Reviews: An Operator With Luxurious Facility
When it comes to private jet charter service, you cannot ignore the Jet Aviation, a Zurich based company owned by General Dynamics. Its history roots for more than 50 years in Switzerland when Mr. Carl W. Hirschmann founded a maintenance organization after he bought Globe Air hangar in Basel, Swiss, in 1967. Soon after that, he opened the European’s first business airplane maintenance facility.

Two years later, Mr. Hirschmann bought Pilatus maintenance and airline handling business in Geneva and Zurich, thus he widened his business into it. Soon he realized that he can offer a private jet charter service when he saw that the owner still needs to fly even when their airplanes were still maintained. This is the seed of the Jet Aviation private jet charter service.

Jet Aviation expanded to Germany in 1975 when it opened a maintenance facility and continue to partner with some Arabian businessmen to open an FBO facility in Jeddah in 1979. With this two facility, Jet Aviation had already reached its Middle-East and European customers.

1980 will be remembered as Jet Aviation had successfully entered United States private jet charter market, when it bought Executive Air Fleet in Teterboro. That day jet Aviation became a global private jet rental player. In 1990s, Jet Aviation bought more facilities in Germany and United States to strengthen its business network.

When Permira Funds bought Jet Aviation in October 2005, the family entrepreneurship company was ended. In 2007, Jet Aviation entered Moscow with its maintenance facility, and in 2008, partner with Beijing based Deer Air, started to operate a line maintenance and FBO facility in Beijing Capital International Airport. This movement marked consolidates jet Aviation as a global private jet charter player. In 2008, General Dynamics acquired Jet Aviation.

Jet Aviation’s Main Services

Jet Aviation’s most important service is their FBO. No matter where you go, you will receive the very same quality of service and smile in their FBO facility. The FBO facility is located worldwide, from America to Asia, from Middle East to European. This was their first business in this aviation and it will forever be their best.

The second service is, of course, the jet charter business. Whenever and wherever you go, you will experience their 50 year-customer-service-experience. Just pick your phone 24 hours priors, and enjoy your premium flight.

Jet Aviation’s maintenance network is spread worldwide. Their goal is to make you fly again, never be grounded. They have a 24-hour-ready team of technicians who are always ready whenever you need them. And when you want to customize your aircraft, Jet Aviation has two modern facility to accommodate your needs, whether it is interior, exterior, audio and video systems, furniture, adding some facility, and many more. Just discuss with their design team and realize it.

The Conclusion of Jet Aviation Review

Jet Aviation is suitable for you when you have an aircraft. Its maintenance and FBO facility are their top ranked weapons. They have proven it with the awards they have won for the facilities. 

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