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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Learjet 60/60 XR: Most Popular Mid-size Jet in U.S.

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Learjet 60/60 XR: Most Popular Mid-size Jet in U.S.
You may ask people what mid-size business jet comes to their mind first when asked. Most of them will answer Learjet 60. The famous Bombardier Aerospace manufactured this amazing private jet in January 1993 and continued to 2012 when they paused the production until the fourth quarter of 2012 to make a better Learjet 60 XR.

Learjet 60 History

Learjet 60 is the next development of the successful Learjet 55. The 60 brings a more powerful turbofan engine and longer fuselage. Its capacity is also added to meet the request of their loyal customers. Not to forget they also increase the aircraft’s aerodynamic, all new wing cuff in the inboard section of Longhorn wing, and total new body fairing. The wing cuff works to increase handling during the landing and takeoff.

Learjet 60’s engines are two powerful Pratt and Whitney Canada 305A engines. Bringing up to 2 crews plus four passengers, Learjet 60 can travel up to 4,454 km or 2,405 miles. Its maximum number of passenger is eight persons, and can fly with a maximum speed of 522 mph and fly at 51,000 feet.

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Learjet 60 Interior

The Learjet 60 interior is designed to meet the highest standard of living room. It provides a wireless connectivity which allows you to working while flying. The self service galley offers a microwave or oven, ice storage, and still many more. The Learjet 60 is also installed with the latest entertainment system such as LED TV, DVD player, and moving map system. All designed with the world class standards.

The new Learjet 60 is equipped with a new avionic system called Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 system. This Rockwell Collins is a fully integrated system, which features Air Data System, Weather Radar System, Radio Sensor System, Altitude Heading Reference System, Flight Guidance System, and many more.

The all-new Aircraft System is also added to this wonderful business jet. This aircraft system includes an anti-ice system plus the de-icing system, loss of any electrical component results in no loss in the cockpit system, it takes only ten minutes to refuel, dual wheel and anti skid brakes.

From 2006, Bombardier stopped the production of Learjet 60 and started a new Learjet 60 XR which conduct a more modern cabin, a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 advanced avionics system suite, and three disc steel wheel brakes.

Learjet 60 XR is now one of the most popular business jet in the world, and in the US alone it is number 8 most popular. You should try it too.


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