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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Royal Jet Unbiased Review: A Royal Service for You

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Royal Jet Unbiased Review: A Royal Service for You
Before I continue this Royal jet review, you need to know that this Royal Jet is different from Royal jets, and in this article I am writing the review about Royal jet without the ‘s’. May be next time I will write the review for the other one ^,^ Who knows? So let’s get start it now!

Royal Jet is established in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2003 by a joint venture of Abu Dhabi Aviation and Amiri Flight. Now it is owned by Abu Dhabi Aviation and the Presidential Flight Authority (PFA), the royal flight service. Its target market is anyone who travels a lot between UAE and European. While Royal Jet’s main base is in Abu Dhabi International Airport, it has hubs at King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai International Airport.

To serve the best quality of service, Royal Jet has arranged some agreement with some partners around the world, like Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, European Business Aviation, National Business Aviation Association, Proud WYVERN Wingman, and Middle East Business Aviation Association.

This award-winning luxury aircraft operator is the world’s largest independent Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) operator. Royal Jet has won many awards, such as seven consecutive years for “World’s Leading Private Jets Service” from World Travel Awards, six consecutive years for “Middle East's Leading Private Jet Charter”, “Business Aviation Operator of the Year” in 2013, and “Best in the Middle East” for its Fixed Base Operations facility (FBO) located in Abu Dhabi.

The Royal Jet Core Services

Royal Jet has five main services. The first one is named VIP Charter. It is a standard private jets charter service. Do not forget that they also have the ‘empty legs’ facility. Check their website to get the most updated schedule.

Royal Jet also has the second service called Medevac, the abbreviation of Medical Evacuation Services. Like what literally it says, Medevac is for someone who suffers a sudden need of medical evacuation. They have a specially designed airplane to accommodate the needs of any medical emergency situation.

The third service is Charter Brokerage. Whenever Royal Jet cannot accommodate your needs of airplane, they will immediately searching for another alternative so you will not get abandoned. Don’t know anything about this brokerage thing? Learn more in this website –

The fourth service is called Fixed Base Operation, or simply called the FBO. Royal jet’s FBO is the best in Middle-East. What is FBO? In a fifth-grade student’s answer, FBO is anything you need, except the aircraft, to fly. It is including, but not limited to, all administrative things, fueling, hangarage, visa and any document you need when you want to enter any airports, catering, aircraft maintenance and repair, any transport to and from the airport, and many more. When you have an FBO done the things for you, it means all you need to do is flying.

The fifth and last one is Aircraft Management and Acquisition Consultancy. It is for someone who wishes to own an airplane, and to maintain it in best condition. Since its fleet is not too much, Royal Jet with its high-end facility provides this kind of service to make sure that their hanger and employees always in use. But do not be afraid, Royal Jet’s level of service is the level of President.

The Conclusion of Royal Jet Review

Before I end this Royal Jet Group review, I want to congratulate you if you decide to pick this company. This company is designed to make i--happen for all your wishes, designed specially to tailor to your highest needs. Ask for any food, they will give you a dedicated chef. Ask for any specific flower, you’ll find a fresh stem in the vase. And rest assure that Royal Jet crew will make sure you arrive at your destination safely, securely, privately, and confidentially.

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