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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

VistaJet Reviews: Flying Private Without The Inconveniences of Ownership

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VistaJet Reviews: Flying Private Without The Inconveniences of Ownership
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Now, let’s get started!       

VistaJet Company Profile

Air Executive is founded in 2004 in Switzerland by Mr. Thomas Flohr. Later in 2008, its name became VistaJet. This private jet charter company only uses Bombardier aircraft, thus Bombardier gives them a special treatment. All of their aircrafts are guaranteed not more than 3 years old, so you will feel fly with a brand new aircraft. Today, VistaJet’s fleet consists of 45 Bombardier airplane, including Global 6000, Global 5000, Challenger 850, Challenger 605, and Challenger 350. What a terrific fleet, right?

Why Mr. Flohr did found the company? He felt such a pain in the ass when he tried to fly using a private jet. He saw many inconsistencies and no transparency at all. So in 2003 he bought a Bombardier Learjet 60 and by renting the aircraft, he realized that there were so much demand in the jet charter industry. Then he bought another airplane, and another, and so on.

Today, VistaJet has morphed into the largest privately-owned Bombardier business aircraft in the world. In VistaJet, transparency takes the number one place. You always know what you will get when you book an aircraft. They do not want you to feel like book a hotel room but only know one thing, that you will get a bed without knowing the others.

Mr. Flohr was also frustrated with the private jet fractional ownership program, so he designed VistaJet with one and only one program, which is flying you to your destination, by purchasing flight hours. Remember, you only pay the hours you fly, not more than that. Very simple, right?

VistaJet’s Only Program: Flying Without Hassle

Unlike many other jet charter companies, VistaJet offers you only the most basic in this industry, flying. You need to order 24-hours prior and paying the hours you fly. There is no monthly fee, no ferry fee in service are, no hidden fees since this is an all in one price.

Because this is not a fractional ownership, you don’t have to pay any capital investment. But believe me, all you get is an A-grade aircraft, each and every one of them. And remember, those airplanes are under Bombardier warranty and maintenance, plus their age are not more than three years old.
Nowadays, VistaJet serves you from Asia to Europe, From Africa to America, including the Middle East.

The Conclusion

VistaJet is the simplest, easiest private jet charter company. They offer you no hassle, just one thing,  which is the most basic thing. VistaJet also guarantees the quality of the aircraft and pilots, so great that if you fly to Kuala Lumpur and ask them to pick you up 7 days later, you will get a different aircraft but you cannot tell the differences.

Surely VistaJet is a must to try when you enter this flying industry.

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