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Monday, February 16, 2015

Not An Ordinary Delta Air Elite Reviews

4:51 AM
Not An Ordinary Delta Air Elite Reviews
DO NOT fly with them before you read this Delta Air Elite Reviews. I have collected a lot of information in the net and write down here to provide you the most unbiased Delta private jets review. First I start with the company profile.

Delta Air Elite Company Profile

This Cincinnati based charter jet company has a 30-year experience in operating the private jets rental. They claim as the first operator who offers a membership program in this business. Plus the owner of Delta Air Elite is the Delta Air Lines, who has a good reputation in the aviation industry. Not only selling private jets seats, they also lease their planes to other private jets charter company.
Delta Air Elite is crowned Best Private Jet Service by Executive Travel 5-times in-a-row, so the customer service is not arguable. Want to know their achievements?

  •           Wyvern Wingman recommended
  •           The longest continuous holder of the ARG/US Platinum rating
  •           IS-BAO stage 2 compliant

The Positive Side of Delta Air Elite

With its 30-year experience, no doubt their customer service is one of the best in this flying industry. You have any private jets, but do not want to be busy to manage them? Get to Delta Air Elite. They can do the management of your aircrafts. When you do not use your plane, you can pass it to their managers, and then they will operate it and rent it to other people.

Delta Air Elite also has a Turnkey management program. With this program, any person who has a plane can save operation cost like fuel and crew.

Last but not least, Delta Air has its own Delta Private Jets Card – a membership program for a frequent flyer. The benefits of this card include all-inclusive pricing, a one-off-fee for fixed amount of flight hours which can be refunded if not used without expiring date, and a no-interchange fees.

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The Negative Side of Delta Air Elite

Some people have complained about the aircraft Delta Air has provided to them. From what I read, when they get the Boeing 767-300, then most people complain about the quality of the plane. But when they get Boeing 767-400, all of them are satisfied.

So my conclusion is Delta Air Elite’s some aircraft is not good, but for the other type is excellent. You need to ask their customer service officer to give you the best aircraft they have.

Also, their membership program is criticized for NOT being flexible in choosing many types of aircraft. And please be aware about the delayed call out times.

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