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Monday, February 16, 2015

Onesky Jets Review - A Private Jets Charter

5:03 AM
Onesky Jets Review - A Private Jets Charter
If you are going to charter a private jet through Onesky Jets, then you have to read this Onesky Jets review before you decide whether you will or you will not. I have gathered all information about this private jets charter service company over the internet, and have compiled all of them in this article. Please continue to read this.

Onesky Jets Company Profile

May be you have known about it, or maybe you don’t, but Onesky Jets is not a real private jets charter company. They are broker, or in a better word, they are an independent brokerage private flight companies. In other words, they do not own any single planes or aircrafts.

But even though they do not have any single plane, or helicopter, please stay relieve. They have a 100-year experience in managing service in aviation industry. When you order their jet, you surely will get an astonishing customer service, a very very competitive price (they press the real private jets rental prices for you, their beloved customer), and since they brokerage many private jets companies, they have various choices of aircraft for you to choose. A very large of option.

Onesky Jets only pick the best in private jets charter industry. The most important point to work with them is the ability to provide a 5-star service in the private jet. Onesky Jets always makes sure their partners are in compliance with the FAA standards as well as Onesky’s standard too.

The Positive Side of Onesky Jets

Onesky Jets private plane company is best known for its magnificent service in technology and an excellent pricing plan. With an affordable price, you WILL get the best private flight experience. With its Latitude Program, which I will explain below, if you are a frequent flyer with them, then you will get the most advantage of Onesky Jets. Not to mention this is not only for business, but also for family trip.

The Negative Side of Onesky Jets

As I have mentioned above, if you rarely fly with them, then you don’t get the best of them. Yes, what I mean is their unique Latitude Program. Also in the past, they have misled people as a private jets rental company, not a broker. But today they have fixed the issue.

Onesky Jets’ Latitude Program

I have mentioned this twice in this article, now I am going to explain what is this. Onesky Jets Latitude Program is similar to Frequent Flyer program you may have known. What benefit will you get if you join this membership program?

-          You will get your personal flight advisor and flight advocate
-          As little as 10 hour notice, you can still fly. Very flexible they are
-          To access directly with your personal flight advisor, you get the toll-free number
-          On any peak days, your departure time won’t change
-          They will know your preferences, such as : your favorite lunch, personal food and beverages, you say it all, they will make you feel like home in the air

This concludes my Onesky Jets review. Please read my other private jets rentalreview before you pick your choice of jets. Happy flying!


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