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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cessna Citation X Review: The Fastest Iron-Bird In The Sky

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Cessna Citation X Review: The Fastest Iron-Bird In The Sky
Hi, are you interested in knowing more about this Cessna Citation X? Me too! That’s why I decide to write this review about Citation X so you can learn more from this article. Please keep in mind that I do not have any affiliate with Cessna, so I am not promoting their aircraft. I can guarantee you that this is an honest review. Then let’s continue!

The Citation X Development and History

At 1993, Cessna announced the Citation new 750 family, called Citation X, to replace a slower and smaller baggage room 650 family series, like Citation III. At that time, the brand of Cessna was well-known for its best handling, which result in a slower airplane. Their main competitor, the Bombardier Learjets family was already known for their speed. With this Citation X, Cessna want to change the image of slow aircraft, even though the Citation is claimed as the fastest in the sky.

And finally, the first Citation X was complete in July 1996 and delivered to Arnold Palmer, a legendary golfer. From time to time, Cessna Citation X breaks many speed records. Thus it was awarded with many awards. Cessna then did an upgrade in October 200 to add more thrust power in maximum takeoff weight.

Cessna Citation X Specs

Two Rolls Royce AE3007C2 turbo fan engines push the Citation X with a dual channel controlled engine. This Rolls Royce engine’s bypass ratio is 5:1. With a length of 22.05 m, height of 5.84 m, wingspan of 19.38 m, Citation X can takeoff with a maximum weight of 16,374 kg.

With those two powerful engines, Citation X has a maximum record speed of 0.935 Mach or equals to 978 km/h. This speed makes it as the fastest civilian private aircraft in the sky. Can take up to 1,930 gallons fuel, Citation X can fly to a maximum range of 6,351 km.

Its cockpit deck is equipped with a Garmin® G5000™  avionics suite, all with touch screen controllers. The pilot can see the traffic coming from far miles away, 3D terrain, and weather patterns. Garmin also gives the Citation X the Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology, which allows the pilot to view the terrain such as water, traffic, any obstacles, runways, and landing condition, even in the zero visibility condition.

Citation X Interior

Please note that this is not a single crew aircraft, so it takes two pilots to fly this airplane. The maximum number of passenger is 12 persons. Tailored to your request, Cessna will specifically design your cabin, from formal office to personal heaven. Its cabin technology is supported by Clairity™, an intelligent cabin management and entertainment connected with the electrical systems and deck’s avionics. Clairity™ allows you to control the cabin lightning, windows shade, play any DVD, and change the cabin’s temperature.


Cessna have a big success with the Citation X, now they upgrade it into Citation X+, which also called The New Citation X. This add more speed, more cabin space, more baggage, and wider wingspan. The Citation X is truly the fastest and most robust private aircraft in the business jet market available today.


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