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Monday, March 23, 2015

Gulfstream IV Review: The Start of Everything

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Gulfstream IV Review: The Start of Everything
This aircraft was first made in 1985, but since until now there are many people interested in this amazing aircraft, I write this Gulfstream IV review just for you. This review is based on information collected separately from the web, and I re-write them to give you the most honest article about Gulfstream IV.

Gulfstream IV History and Profile

Like I have said earlier, this airplane’s debut was in 1985, and still in production now. Approximately there are 535 GIVs nowadays, and most of them are in great condition. Originally the GIV is developed to meet the needs of the customers of Gulfstream III. They wanted more fly range, more fuel efficiency, and quieter. So Gulfstream realized their customers’ dream with Gulfstream IV.

So they designed the wing’s weight reduction to increase range and reduce cruise drag, and also bring more 1,000 gallons of fuel. They modified the wing contour to the forward 65%. The outboard of the wing was also re-designed to reduce the peak pressure coefficient, to reduce shock strength, and increase shock sweep. The result is a 300 more nautical range.

The Gulfstream IV got its FAA certificate in 1987. At that time, the GIV’s top speed was 500 knots, can fly up to 4,220 nautical miles, and a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet.

Gulfstream IV Variants

Having success in its first design, Gulfstream has modified the GIV to meet the new standard of aircraft. They made more variants to meet the clients’ request. For example C-20F/G/H/J which is used by the U.S Department of Defense. The plane is used for a cargo airplane, and 26 people can fit into the aircraft.

The next improved version is Gulfstream G450 series. When the GIV used conventional cockpit, the G450 is already using the phenomenal PlaneView plus the Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and Gulfstream cursor control system. The EVS allows the pilots to view a low visibility area, thus they can land on it, which a non-EVS cannot do. Of course the improvements are not just those. The G450 is more fuel efficient, more flight range, larger cabin, modern avionics systems, and much better performance, for a lot more price then the Gulfstream IV.

Gulfstream IV has been used in many countries to serve military and civil aviations. For example Japan Defense Force who used it for its Air Defense. The United States also bought it for its army, navy, air force, marine, and even NOAA.

The Conclusion

The Gulfstream IV is truly a living legend. Already serving many countries for more than 20 years, and still serving, still in production line, still a waiting list. This, without a doubt, is a living proof about its performance. For its price, a used Gulfstream IV is tagged around US$ 8 million, while a new one will cost you US$ 36 million.
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