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Monday, May 4, 2015

Bombardier Aerospace Inc. - King of Air in Canada

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Bombardier Aerospace Inc. - King of Air in Canada
Do you know what is the third biggest airplane manufacturer in the world? It is still in debat between Bombardier, which I am writing about in this article, or Brazil’s Embraer, which I will write about it in the next article. But whatever the real answer is, they both are amazing companies, which is the reason why I am going to make a review about them.

Well, to begin with, Bombardier is a Canada based company. Its name when established was Bombardier Inc. Now Bombardier Inc. is the mother company of Bombardier Aerospace. With the headquarter is in Quebec, Canada, Bombardier employed more than 35,000 persons total.

At first, Bombardier Inc, bought Canadair in 1986 to make the nearly-bankrupt company into a profitable one. Then an Ireland based aircraft manufacturer, Short Brothers was acquired, also a near bankrupt company as well. Following Short Brothers are the already-bankrupt Learjet business aircraft division of Wichita, Kansas in 1990, plus a money-burner Boeing division company, de Havilland Aircraft of Canada in 1992, based in Toronto, Canada.

Now the aerospace division is responsible for more than half of the mother company’s main revenue. The most popular aircraft of this company is the CRJ series, which includes CRJ700, CRJ900, and CRJ1000. The other most popular series are Dash 8 Series 400, and CRJ100, CRj200, and CRJ440.
To make an improvement for their assembly plant, Bombardier plans to build two factory, in Kansas City, Missouri, and Mirabel, Quebec, Canada, to increase the usage of the CSeries, which are the most sold airplane in Bombardier.

To compete face-to-face with Boeing’s most popular 737 Series next generation, Bombardier makes the CSeries which offers 110 seats and 130 seats. With a claim of 20% more fuel efficient, that makes the CSeries 8% more fuel efficient compared with Boeing 737 Max.

Lufthansa has already pre-order 60 CSeries aircrafts, with an option of additional 30 more. In 2011, NetJets has also placed an order of 50 plus additional options up to 70 CSeries aircrafts, worth $2.8 to $6.7 billion. For customers who needs any financial plan, Bombardier and China’s ICBC work together to supply the financing for up to $8 billion.

The biggest deal in the aircraft history was made in November 2012, between Bombardier and Swiss’ VistaJet. VistaJet wants to buy 56 Bombardier Global jets worth to $3.1 billion, with an option for Bombardier to sell another 86 Global jets, which makes the total transaction of $7.3 billion.

But in July 2014, as the president Guy Hachey retired, Bombardier divided the company into three division, commercial aircraft, business aircraft, and aerospace and aerostructure manufacture. This led to a more than 1,800 employees were fired.


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