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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation by General Dynamics

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Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation by General Dynamics
The Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation is United States’ most advanced private jet and business jet manufacturer. Its parent company is General Dynamics. At first, in 1950’s late, Gulfstream Aerospace was named The Grumman Aircraft Engineering Co. who produced and developed military aircrafts. Later it made the first business jet called Grumman Gulfstream I (GI). With a maximum speed of 350 mph, and can accommodate up to 12 passengers, the GI was a big success for the Grumman Aircraft.

Then fueled with the success of GI, they moved forward to Grumman Gulfstream II (GII). This also began the separation of the military aircraft manufacture and civil aircraft manufacture in 1966. The civilian aircraft production then was moved to Savannah, Georgia, where there are many skilled labors and more room for any expansion of the factory.

The Grumman Aircraft Engineering then joined with the American Aviation Corp. a light aircraft manufacturer in 1972. But in 1978, Grumman sold the Savannah based factory to the American Jet Industries, headed by Allen Paulson. He renamed the company to Gulfstream American, and accelerated the production of GulfstreamIII, more speed and more flight range compared to G II. The G III was first sold in 1980, and became the first business jet to fly over the both poles. The G III marked the first big success of the Gulfstream series in the marketplace.

Fast forward to 2000s. The General Dynamics, saw the big opportunities in Gulfstream, bought this company. General Dynamics then built the support facility in Savannah facility. Also in 2001, to improve the maintenance and repair of the Gulfstream series, it bought four US maintenance facilities, in Minneapolis, Dallas, Las Vegas, and West Palm Beach.

After using Romanian number for its product, Gulfstream started to use Arabic numerals in 2002. The production were included the high speed Gulfstream G100, mid range Gulfstream G200 and G300, long range Gulfstream G400, and the ultra long range Gulfstream G500 and G550.
2003 marked its expansion outside of the US by acquired the London based service center. The Gulfstream G450 was also first introduced to the market.

The legendary Gulfstream G650’s first showdown was in 2009, when it walked out of the Savannah manufacturing factory, and had its first flight in November 25 that year.

An unpleasant news was heard in 2011, one of the Gulfstream G650 was in an accident when it failed to fly, crashing to the runway of Roswell, and directly killing its four crews, two test pilots and two flight test engineers. By the investigation of the National Transportation Safety Board, they found the cause of the accident. Using the data, Gulfstream made the version 2 of the G650. They raised the speed of the V2.

Their next innovation was in 2012, when the news of their newest business jet was heard, a quiet supersonic business jet, which its first drawing was shown in December 2012.

Nowadays more than 40 countries have and operate any Gulfstream business jets. The aircraft is not only for doing fast travel, but also modified to medical evacuations, pilot and astronaut trainings, cargo and personnel transportation, and maritime and aerial reconnaissance.


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